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The value-added services and solutions offered by Gennet are targeted in finding the best technology solution that meets our Partner’s business needs. The core strengths of Gennet are in its highly skilled professional experts and its strategic alliances with leading technology partners around the world.



GenNet’s management team averages 20 years expertise in project management covering a wide range of different business fields. Having successfully concluded more than 100 projects in more than 50 countries, GenNet’s management has the profound expertise and extensive experience to design


GENNET Broadband Solutions

GENNET Broadband Solutions delivers innovative technology and services based on the extensive know-how of its engineers in the development, production organization, marketing and sales of terminal equipment for Next Generation Networks (NGN).

Committed to design innovative products and services by using the latest technology trends, the company builds upon the expertise of its R&D engineers in the areas of Embedded Linux OS, IP Stacks, VoIP Protocols, DSP Compression Algorithms, Device Provision and Management and Organization of Large Scale Production.

GENNET offers innovative, high-quality broadband access products smoothly integrated with a complete management solution. The design of the devices, both Software and Hardware, is fully controllable by GENNET's R&D. This way, operators are supported seamlessly for the development of new, operator-driven functionality. This flexibilty includes customer-adapted or new features and full technical support in short response times. Custom product housings are also available upon request to match the operator needs.

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